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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mischa Barton Falls For North London Hipster

Apparently, the couple met in Camden Caners HQ The Hawley Arms. The source added: He and Mischa have been on a couple of dates and Toms was flashing cash for her.. L The former OC star is dating scenester Tom Wright, the son of Che heavy Radio 2 DJ Steve. Mischa Barton has reported a fall North London Hipster, Tom Wright. His first day, but Tom is already bragging about the relationship, The Sun quoted a source as saying.

Earth Stood Still Earth Shaking At Box Office

The Day The Earth Stood Still

5 million. But the big draws were the little Acadmy Awards contenders playing in just a handful of theaters. After being the weight from reviewers Friday, the film went on to earn an estimated $ 31 million in ticket sales over the weekend. 000 $ 6 screens), The Reader ($ 170,000 in 8 theaters) and May ($ 60. 030 in 15 rooms), Gran Torino (284. 100 in 2 screens). The romantic comedy actors Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn led his three week gross of $ 88 million. The Day The Earth Stood Still actually prove critical test as many box-office analysts had expected. After participation in the first position for the previous two weekends, slipped Four Christmase in second place with $ 13. 3 million. Includes Doubt ($ 525. Another holiday comedy, Nothing Like The Holiday, which has received a number of positive reviews, opened in seventh place with only ? 3.

Kate Winslet Winslet Shrugs Off Body Taunts

Kate Winslet

. The Titanic Actres, 33, admits that was hit by barbed comments about her body when she was younger and new to Hollywood. I m happy with who I am and how I ve been older, I ve grown more comfortable in my skin, for all its marks, scars and imperfections - I am absolutely not! But then, there really is no such thing as perfect, and I m happy with my imperfections. But she insists getting older has made her realize no one is perfect - and she is content with his body. These days I I have learned not to pay attention to any of the items. KATE WINSLET has learned to live with its imperfections and to ignore the criticism of his appearance - because it is grown with age happiest. I m only human and, yes, it was difficult. Things have been said about the way I looked that was really hurtful. She tells Hello magazine, I had a rough ride coming .